International Police
INTERPOL is the world’s largest
international police organization, with 190
member countries. Our role is to enable
police around the world to work together
to make the world a safer place. Our high-
tech infrastructure of technical and
operational support helps meet the
growing challenges of fighting crime in
the 21st century.
EUROPOL More than 900 staff at
Europol headquarters in The Hague, the
Netherlands, work closely with law
enforcement agencies in the 28 EU
Member States and in other non-EU
partner states such as Australia, Canada,
the USA and Norway.
AMERIPOL The American Police
Community is a body charged with
promoting hemispheric cooperation in
scientific work technical matters, training,
enhance the exchange of information and
progress in terms of legal assistance,
which could guide strategically and
operating the work against threats on
public and citizen security.
CARICC is a standing intergovernmental
body to coordinate efforts in the fight
against transnational drug-related crime
Cross Channel Intelligence
Community The Cross Channel
Intelligence Community (CCIC) is a
regional alliance between police forces
and law enforement agencies that deal
with cross-border crime between the UK
and immediate mainland Europe.
European Cyber Crime Centre The
EC3 has been tasked to focus on the
following three areas:
•Cybercrimes committed by organised
groups, particularly those generating
large criminal profits such as online fraud ;
•Cybercrimes which cause serious harm
to the victim such as online child sexual
exploitation ;
•Cybercrimes (including cyber-attacks )
affecting critical infrastructure and
information systems in the European
Frontex helps border authorities from
different EU countries work together.
Frontex’s full title is the European Agency
for the Management of Operational
Cooperation at the External Borders of
the Member States of the European
Union. The agency was set up in 2004 to
reinforce and streamline cooperation
between national border authorities
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