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Robert J. Sadler - Dallas Police
Department - Robert Sadler, private
investigator and security consultant,
Vietnam veteran and former Dallas cop, is
a  novelist, essayist, poet, artist and
Candace Sams - San Diego Police
Department -Candace Sams (aka C.S.
Chatterly) graduated from Texas A&M
University with a BS in Agriculture,
worked as a police officer with the State
of Texas, did a brief stint with the Texas
Department of Public Safety Undercover
Narcotics Task force, and was also with
the San Diego Police Department. She
taught for the San Diego County Sheriff’
s Department and worked in law
enforcement in Alabama.
Lynda Sandoval - Wheat Ridge Police
Department - Lynda Sandoval is a former
police officer-turned fiction writer with
twenty-two published books to her
credit. She lives (and writes) in Denver
with a gigantic, rollicking family of mostly
beasts who regularly trash the house.
Joe Sanchez - New York Police
Department - Joe has been trying to tell
this story for some time.  It’s his story,
but not his alone. It’s also the story of
those who lived and died alongside him,
in Viet Nam and in that other battle, for
justice and safety under the shield of the
law, that is fought daily in the streets of
every big city by every honest cop.  
Rod Sanford - Santa Cruz County
Sheriff's Office - The Pacific Institute of
Defensive Tactics (P.I.D.T.) was
established by Rod Sanford in 1983. The
P.I.D.T. training center is located in
Soquel, California, just four miles south
of Santa Cruz on the Monterey Bay and
forty minutes from San Jose International
Charles W. Sasser - Tulsa Police
Department Charles W. Sasser has been
a full-time freelance writer/journalist/
photographer since 1979. He is a veteran
of both the U.S. Navy (journalist) and
U.S. Army (Special Forces, the Green
Berets), a combat veteran and former
combat correspondent wounded in
action. He also served fourteen years as
a police officer (in Miami, Florida, and in
Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was a
homicide detective.
John Schembra - Pleasant Hill Police
Department - John Schembra, an author
living in  Concord,CA. spent a year with
the 557th MP Company at Long Binh,
South Vietnam in 1970.  His time as a
combat M.P. provided the basis for his
first book, M.P., A Novel of Vietnam, a
work of fiction based in part on his
personal experiences.  Upon completing
his military service, John joined the
Pleasant Hill Police Department, where he
retired in 2001 as a Sergeant, after 30
years of service.  
Jack H. Schonely - Los Angeles Police
Department - Jack H. Schonely has been
working on the front lines of law
enforcement in a wide variety of field
assignments for over 29 years. He is a
nationally recognized expert in the area
of suspect tactics and perimeter
containment and is a sought after tactical
Ronald M. Schunk - Dearborn County
Sheriff Department -
Retreat is Ronald M.
Schunk's first published mystery. It
features Sam Basro as deputy constable
in the small town of Retreat, Kentucky.
The small town borders the Ohio River,
minutes from both Ohio and Indiana.  
That Mr. Schunk is a retired police officer
becomes obvious as he leads you
through correct police procedure, as well
as insights into the mind of law
enforcement officers during official duty.
Nick Selby - Midlothian Police
Department - This is the personal
website of law enforcement technology
and information security consultant Nick
Selby. Nick is CEO and co-founder, with
David Henderson, of StreetCred
Software, Inc, a Code for America
Accelerator Company (you can watch a
six-minute video, recorded at the 2013
Code for America Summit, in which Nick
describes the problem StreetCred
addresses and how it seeks to solve it).
Joel F. Shults - Adams State College
Police Department - Dr. Joel F. Shults is
an award winning police writer. He has
authored three books for police officers;
Bridge to Trouble, The Badge and the
, and The Line is Ready. He is also
the creator and author of the
well-respected blog, The Police
George D. Shuman - Metropolitan Police
Department - George D Shuman was
raised on a cattle farm in the mountains
of southwestern Pennsylvania. He worked
for a time in the steel mills as a riveter
before moving to Washington DC and
joining the Metropolitan Police
Department. Mr. Shuman held positions
as a narcotics detective and was for a
time commander of the training
operations branch, retiring as a
lieutenant from the Public Integrity
Division responsible for investigating
government corruption.
Daniel B. Silver - San Francisco Police
Department - Daniel B. Silver has played
many roles in his thirty-something year
old life: child actor, punk rocker,
musician, high school dropout, miscreant
skateboarder, Food Not Bombs activist,
comic book nerd, retail clerk, husband,
homeowner, 911 paramedic, comedy
website writer, poet, apartment renter,
wannabe novelist, police officer and first
man to set foot on Mars. Dan is lying
about one of those things.
Scott Silverii - Thibodaux Police
Department - I am a cop, a Chief of
Police, a teacher, an author, a son, a
brother and a dad. Most importantly, I
am saved by God’s grace. I’m going to
be honest about what policing is like (the
good and the can-be-better), what being
a dad/cop is like, and the ordinary trials
in this life that still amaze me.
Richard A. Smith - Durham Police
Department Richard A. Smith spent
almost 18 years in law enforcement as a
Deputy Sheriff, jailer, patrol deputy, Vice
Investigator, Public Safety Officer
(Police&Fireman combined) Airport Police
Officer, Uniform patrol Police Officer, and
an Investigator in Criminal Investigations
Steven Spingola - Milwaukee Police
Department - Steven Spingola is an
investigator with a national reputation for
excellence.  A 2001 graduate of the FBI
National Academy, Spingola holds two
master’s degrees. He is also a death
investigations expert, a police related
shooting reconstruction specialist, and
has formal training in criminal
investigative analysis (profiling).
Steven Staggs - University of California
Police Department - Steve is the author
of the
Crime Scene and Evidence
Photographer's Guide
, a field handbook
for crime scene and evidence
photography, which has sold over 40,000
copies and is in use by investigators in
more than 2,500 law enforcement
agencies.  Steve retired in 2004 after 32
years in law enforcement, but continues
to teach forensic photography and crime
scene investigations at a university in
Southern California.
Norm Stamper - Seattle Police
Department - Norm Stamper began his
law enforcement career in San Diego in
1966 as a beat cop. In 1994, he was
named chief of the Seattle Police
Michael W. Streed - Orange Police
Department - Michael W. Streed is an
internationally-recognized police sketch
artist based in Southern California and
the Baltimore-Washington DC Metro
area. He is a 31-year law enforcement
veteran, with over 30 years of experience
as a police sketch artist with some of the
largest, most diverse police agencies in
the United States, including the Los
Angeles and Baltimore City Police
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