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Jeff Kaye - Reno Police Department - Mr. Kaye currently
resides in La Quinta California with his wife and two
children. He keeps busy with his full time writing career
while remaining active in law enforcement training through
his work with the California Narcotics Officers Association.
Mike Krecioch - Los Angeles Police Department - Ten
years in the making, Mike has written
Orphan's Asylum
(2008). His account of orphanage life has helped many
orphans as well as their families deal with the sometimes
tumultuous past. In his upcoming book,
Behind the Badge
, Mike writes about the cases and politics
of the Los Angeles Police Department. Mike was previously
been published in a national magazine.
Chuck Klein - Woodlawn Police Department - Chuck Klein
is the author of many books.  Chuck is a Licensed Private
Investigator (ret), with a Bachelor of Laws, listed in Who's
Who in America and a Former Certified Police Officer and
Firefighter.  He is a Firearms and Contributing Editor,
Security Columnist, an active member of IALEFI and a NRA
Certified Firearms Instructor.  Some books include
Guns in
the Workplace
, Circa 1957, The Badge, Lines of Defense.
Joseph Klein - Fullerton Police Department - As a
Retired Police Lieutenant after 29 years of service with the
Fullerton Police Department, Dr. Klein has accumulated an
extensive amount of expertise in law enforcement as well
as in the field of education and training. Dr. Klein is a court
qualified expert witness, consultant, keynote speaker,
published author, educator and trainer.
Vonn Auld Kopp - Houston Police Department - The
author, Brian Foster, used to write under the assumed
name of Vonn Auld Kopp to avoid problems with his
department's administration. He's spent thirty four years in
law enforcement. Twenty three of those years were spent
in Houston's Homicide Division as a Detective Sergeant.
Michael Levine - Barnstable County Sheriff's Office -
Author of NY Times Bestseller
DEEP COVER and national
bestseller T
HE BIG WHITE LIE, used by Police and
universities as training texts.
Kenneth R. Lewis - Rogue River Police Department -
Ken sold his first short story when he was twenty, but didn't
start writing his first novel until he was forty nine. "Little
Blue Whales," his 2009 crime thriller set on the Oregon
coast, won the 2010 Public Safety Writers Association First
Grand Prize for fiction. His second novel "The Sparrow's
Blade," the sequel to "Little Blue Whales," was published in
February, 2011, and on May 13, 2012 won an Eric Hoffer
Award in the category of Commercial Fiction. His latest
novel, "Flight of the Bowyer," a political thriller set in Idaho,
debuted on November 1, 2013.
Lisa Lockwood - Chicago Police Department - Lisa’s
enigmatic path serves as an inspirational example of how
she successfully combined optimism and reinvention to
reach unparalleled heights. Lisa is now dedicating her life
to teaching people how they can reinvent themselves with
the power of determination and perseverance.
Michael D. Lyman - Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics -  Dr.
Lyman's books are currently used by some of the nation's
most prestigious colleges and universities. All books are
published by nationally recognized publishing houses, are
peer reviewed and revised every two to three years.
John Mackie - New York Police Department - John was
dedicated and highly decorated member of the NYPD.  A
holder of the Department's prestigious Medal of Valor, he
now spends his time writing great novels..literary classics
really...about homicide investigators and real cops in The
Big Apple.
Dan Marcou - La Crosse Police Department - Dan
Marcou “Lt. Dan” retired as a highly decorated police
officer after 33 years of service.  He has recently authored
three popular police novels in his McCarthy series,
published by Thunder Bay Press,
The Calling: The Making
of a Veteran Cop, SWAT Blue Knights in Black Armor
Nobody's Heroes.
Peter Mars - Kennebec County Sheriff's Office - Peter
Mars is a thirty year veteran of law enforcement. He is a
native of Brookline, Massachusetts. His undergraduate
studies in criminal justice and police science were
accomplished at Northeastern University. He has a masters
degree in public administration from Columbia and recently
completed his doctorate in sociology with a focus on
incarceration and recidivism at that same institution.
Stephen Mattice - Columbus Police Department
(Kansas) -  Author of
Seeing It His Way: 40 Nights with a
Christian Police officer
.  Although police work is his full time
occupation, Stephan feels that fulfilling his part in Christ’s
Great Commission will last a lifetime.
Alex J. McDonald - Broward County Sheriff's Office - Alex
retired in 2007. He is an associate member of Mystery
Writers Of America.  His novel
Sawgrass was published by
James McEachin - Hackensack Police Department -
Following his service in the United States Army, McEachin
attended the police academy and served for a brief time as
a New Jersey police officer.  McEachin is a well known
actor and author.
Michael McGarrity - Santa Fe County Sheriff's
Department - Michael's career in criminal justice  includes
work in corrections, law enforcement, security, and police
officer training.  A number of his best selling novels have
been nominated for various awards, and in 2004 he
received the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence
in the Arts -- Literature.
Joe McKinney - San Antonio Police Department - Joe
McKinney is the San Antonio-based author of several
horror, crime and science fiction novels.  Joe McKinney is
a sergeant with the San Antonio Police Department, where
he helps to run the city’s 911 Dispatch Center.
Joseph D. McNamara - San Jose Police Department -
Joseph D. McNamara , retired police chief of San Jose,
Calif., started his career as a beat cop in Harlem, New York
City. He was the only police chief in the United States to
hold a Ph.D. from Harvard University.
Peter Moskos - Baltimore Police Department - Peter
Moskos is an associate professor at John Jay College of
Criminal Justice in the Department of Law, Police Science,
and Criminal Justice Administration. A former Baltimore
City police officer and Harvard and Princeton trained
sociologist, Moskos studies people the old-fashioned way:
He talks to them.
Bryan Muth - Phoenix Police Department - Bryan Muth is
the author of
enforcement career has spanned nearly four decades.  
Mark Mynheir - Palm Bay Police Department - Mark
Mynheir is a former Marine and a twenty-five-year police
veteran who worked as a narcotics agent, a S.W.A.T. team
member, and a homicide detective. Mark has published
five novels and numerous articles.
Richard Nable - Fulton County Police Department -
Richard Nable was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He
graduated from the University of Richmond, VA in 1987
with a bachelor’s degree in biology and promptly went to
work as a police officer. He is the principal firearms trainer
for his department as well as for the regional police
Steven J. Newton - Clever Police Department - Steve
Newton is a 25-year law enforcement veteran and a former
Marine/Navy veteran. He served with the 3rd Battalion,
24th Marines, 4th Marine Division.  Now retired and
afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, he continues to write
articles for various law enforcement, military and veteran
publications. He is also the author of the
Old Sergeant and
Old Sergeant and Friends.
Mitchell Nevin - Milwaukee Police Department - Having
served in a law enforcement capacity for parts of three
decades, Mitchell Nevin's knowledge of organized crime,
police interrogation techniques, surveillance, and
forensics, shines a light on the inner workings of law
Thomas J. Nichols - Lubbock Police Department - After
retiring as Chief of Police of the Lubbock PD and making a
career adjustment to the Lubbock School District Police, I
found a treasure chest in the form of "spare time."  My
newest publication, Sweet Emily, follows Detective Mike
Palotti as he leads a multi-agency investigation in a serial
killer, and as in Color of the Prism, Sweet Emily closes with
a not-traditional ending.
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