John Eterno - New York City Police
Department - John A. Eterno, Ph.D, is
chairperson and associate dean of
graduate studioes in criminal justice at
Malloy College. He is a retired Captain
from the NYPD. Dr. Eterno is managing
editor of Police Practice and Research: An
International Journal. His books include
Policing with the Law: A Case Study of
the New York City Police Department

(Praeger) and
Police Practices in Global
(with Dilip Das) (Rowan &
Robert Fasone - New York City Police
Department - Robert worked as a cop in
Manhattan South; primarily in the 1st
and 9th Precincts.  His debut novel was
Chase After Wind
, which was then
followed by
Bread Upon the Water.
Bob Faulkner - Los Angeles Police
Department - Author of
Buffalo Rock,
Bob now lives in Montana where he
enjoys fishing, skeet shooting and the
quiet time to pursue his passion with the
pen. He is presently working on a screen
play and another novel.
James A. Forrest - Sarasota County
Sheriff's Office - I joined the Sheriff's
Office in 1994 as a Corrections Officer. It
wasn't the detective job I always
dreamed of, but I figured it was a foot in
the door. After three years I got my
chance to go to patrol and on the path of
detective, but I was also looking at a
promotion if I stayed. Almost 19 years
later and I'm still in corrections and
worked my way up to the rank of
Raymond E. Foster - Los Angeles Police
Department - This is just one of
Raymond's presence on line.  Also check
out Raymond's site at
John Foxjohn - Houston Police
Department - John has published books
in six different genres.  John spent ten
years as a police officer and homicide
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Rod Englert - Multnomah County
Sheriff's Office - Chief Deputy (Retired)
Rod Englert, a 48-year veteran of law
enforcement, retired as Commander of
the Operations Division, Multnomah
County Sheriff's Office in Portland,
Oregon, in 1995. He started his career
with the Downey, California Police
Department after graduating from the
Los Angeles Police Academy.  Chief
Deputy Englert has authored
Secrets: Chronicles of a Crime Scene
Connie Dial - Los Angeles Police
Department - Connie's work reflects not
only the 27 years she spent in the Los
Angeles Police Department, but her life
before the LAPD as a journalist and
editor. Her novels provide a rare look into
one of the nation’s most controversial
police departments. Since her retirement
from police department, she has
produced a variety of work including
young adult novels, short stories and
several works for the theater.
Ron Delord - Mesquite Police
Department - Ron DeLord is recognized
as one of the leading police union
contract negotiators in Texas; an expert
on police unions in US, Canada and
Australia; author and lecturer on police
union leadership, power, organization,
media and political action in all three
countries; and historian for various police
Richard Bo Dietl - New York Police
Department - Richard Bo Dietl was a New
York City Police Officer and Detective
from June 1969 until he retired in 1985.
Bo was one of the most highly decorated
detectives in the history of the police
department, with several thousand
arrests to his credit.  
Stacy Dittrich - Richland County
Sheriff's Office - Stacy Dittrich is an
award-winning 20-year law enforcement
officer, author, media consultant, and
former detective specializing in sex crimes.
Marshall Frank - Metro-Dade Police
Department - Marshall Frank is a retired
captain from the Metro-Dade Police
Department in Miami, Florida, where he
spent the majority of his thirty years
investigating murders or commanding
those who did.
Joseph L. Giacalone - New York City
Police Department - Joe is the best selling
author of the
Criminal Investigative
Function: A Guide for New Investigators

published by Looseleaf Law, Inc. and now
in its Second Edition.
Randy Gonzalez - New College of Florida
Police Department - Randy Gonzalez is a
professional law enforcement
administrator, investigator, instructor,
and educational consultant.
C.A. Griffith - Cobb County Sheriff's
Office - C.A. Griffith is a retired Major
from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in
Marietta, Georgia where he served for
three decades. His assignments have
included undercover narcotics, Atlanta
DEA task force, fugitive and fraud
investigations, and Commander of
Internal Affairs.
Steve Hodel - Los Angeles Police
Department - Steve’s first book,
Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder

published in 2003 with new updated
investigative chapters added to the
HarperCollins paperback edition in 2004
and 2006.
Black Dahlia Avenger is a New
York Times Bestseller, a NYT Most
Notable Book and was nominated by the
Mystery Writers of America for an Edgar
Award in the Best Fact Crime category.
Henry M. Holden - Orange County
Sheriff's Department - Henry is the
author of over 900 magazine and
newspaper articles appearing in national
magazines such as Private Pilot, Plane &
Pilot, Airport Journals, World Airnews,
USAir, InFlight-USA, American Aviation
Historical Society’s Journal, Women in
Aviation, Woman Pilot, Airport Press and
Aviation History, Vintage Airplane,
Warbirds, Sport Aviation, and Upscale
Living Magazine. He has been a
commentator on the History Channel,
and has published 37 books.
Gary Jones - Fort Lauderdale Police
Department - Gary Jones is a retired
police officer and author. He has written
two books about his experiences on the
Fort Lauderdale Police Department.
Through this site and his blog, Gary
advocates for the law enforcement
Randy Jurgensen - New York Police
Department - To date, Randy has
appeared in or produced over 50 films
and television shows.  In his book 'Circle
of Six', Randy lifts the curtain and sheds
light on some of the darkest days of the
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