Criminal Justice
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Theory Into Practice
guides the student,
instructor, and
internship site
supervisor through the
entire internship
process, offering advice
and information for use
at the internship site as
well as pre-planning
and assessment
A realistic road map to
professional satisfaction and
success created by those
who have "been there"!
Chapters Include: - Working
Towards Promotions -
Management Styles &
Theories - Planning a
successful Second Career -
Communications - Personnel
Problems - Personnel
Evaluations -
Decision-Making - Ethics -
Preparing for Promotional
Exams & more
In this engaging,
reader-friendly book,
you'll learn about new
career opportunities in
criminal justice and
read true stories of
offenders and their
experiences within the
system. You'll also learn
about the crucial role
that public policy plays
in the criminal justice
system and explore the
hot issues that are
changing ...
The book provides
meaningful answers to a
specific, targeted audience
- typical readers who are
taking their first criminal
justice course. The
biographies are organized
by various sub-fields and
include discussions of what
can be done with a B.A.,
M.A., Ph.D., or a
combination of degrees.
For anyone interested in,
or studying, criminal justice.
From College to Career
enables readers to
explore career choices
and make informed
career decisions. The
book guides readers
through critical thinking
and reflection on career
choices, and the
activities in each chapter
provide opportunities to
personalize the learning
Coy H. Johnston’s concise,
yet thorough and creative
text, Careers in Criminal
Justice, prepares students
to plan, pursue, and
realize their career goals―
from conception through
the hiring process. The
book′s contemporary
approach emphasizes
student self-reflection and
pragmatism in the pursuit
of self-fulfillment and