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In the course of researching her
best-selling books, McDermid has
become familiar with many branches of
forensics, and now she uncovers the
history of this science and the people
who make sure that for murderers, there
is no hiding place. Forensic scientists can
unlock the mysteries of the past and help
serve justice using the messages left by
a corpse, a crime scene, or the faintest of
human traces. Now available in
paperback, Forensics goes behind the
scenes with some of these top-level
professionals and their groundbreaking
research, drawing on original interviews
and firsthand experience on scene with
top forensic scientists. Along the way, we
discover how maggots collected from a
corpse can help determine time of death;
how a DNA trace a millionth the size of a
grain of salt can be used to convict a
killer; and how a team of young
Argentine scientists led by a maverick
American anthropologist were able to
uncover the victims of a genocide. The
journey takes us to war zones, fire
scenes, and autopsy suites, reveals both
extraordinary bravery and true
wickedness, as we trace the history of
forensics from its earliest beginnings to
the cutting-edge science of the modern
DNA trace a
millionth the size
of a grain of salt
can be used to
convict a killer
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
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