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While body-worn
cameras have the
potential to improve
police services, they also
raise issues involving
relationships, procedural
justice, and technical and
cost questions, all of
which agencies should
examine as they consider
this technology.
Marc Goodman has spent a
career in law enforcement
and technology. He was
appointed futurist-in-
residence with the FBI,
worked as a senior adviser
to Interpol, and served as a
street police officer.  He
continues to investigate the
intriguing and often
terrifying intersection of
science and security,
uncovering nascent threats
and combating the darker
sides of technology.
 Police Technology
discusses law
enforcement as an
task. Whether
interviewing victims,
interrogating subjects, or
gathering evidence, this
book discusses the
cutting-edge technology
needed to handle the
incredible load of
information that goes
along with an average
investigation or arrest.
 Now, this revolutionary
book has been
completely updated and
expanded for the 21st
century. Through revised
text, new photos,
specialised illustrations,
updated charts and
additional information
sidebars, The Ultimate
Sniper once again
thoroughly details the
three great skill areas of
sniping; marksmanship,
fieldcraft and tactics.
Written and edited by a
collection of industry
experts, the book presents
technologies and systems
in intelligent video
surveillance. The book
integrates key research,
design, and implementation
themes of intelligent video
surveillance systems and
technology into one
comprehensive reference.
This revision of the
classic book on CCTV
technology, CCTV
Surveillance, provides a
examination of CCTV,
covering the applications
of various systems, how
to design and install a
system, and how to
choose the right
Gilliom and Monahan are
among the foremost experts
on surveillance and society,
and, with SuperVision, they
offer an immensely
accessible and engaging
guide, giving readers the
tools to understand and to
question how deeply
surveillance has been
woven into the fabric of our
everyday lives.