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The Bulletproof Diet will
challenge―and change―
the way you think about
weight loss and wellness.
You will skip breakfast, stop
counting calories, eat high
levels of healthy saturated
fat, work out and sleep less,
and add smart supplements.
If you’re seeking a
healthier way to eat that
will help heal your body
of damage done by years
of eating tons of sugar
and carbs, the ketogenic
diet may be for you.
There’s no need to
sacrifice taste for good
This is a quick read from a
real woman who is on a
journey to lose 100+
pounds. These ideas
helped her to FINALLY start
a weight loss plan that
actually became fun and
inspiring. This blueprint can
help you too.
     From Mayo Clinic, a
leading authority on
health and nutrition,
comes The Mayo Clinic
Diet, designed to be the
last diet you'll ever need.
In two simple phases,
you'll be on the road to a
healthy weight for the
rest of your life.
This healthy lifestyle
focuses on maintenance
from Day 1, ensuring that
you'll not only take the
weight off -- you'll keep it off
for good. Featuring
inspiring success stories,
all-new recipes, and 24
weeks' worth of meal plans,
The New Atkins for a New
You offers the proven
low-carb plan that has
worked for millions, now
totally updated and even
easier than ever.
It's science-tested,
science-proven. Dr. Varady
has conducted many
scientific studies on the
Every-Other-Day Diet,
involving hundreds of
people, with consistently
positive results published in
top medical journals such
as the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition and
Obesity. Unlike most other
diets, the Every-Other-Day
Diet is proven to work.
With an emphasis on lean
protein, low-fat dairy, fresh
fruits 'n veggies, and
GIGANTIC portions, this
diet gives you everything
you love about Hungry Girl
in one nutritious and
delicious weight-loss plan!