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Women Policing across the Globe
provides a cross-cultural comparison of
the integration of women in policing
across the globe, paying special attention
to the unique contributions that women
make to the field, along with the shared
challenges and resistance they face.
Individual chapters within the book
provide students with a snapshot of the
status of women in modern police
agencies in the countries of the United
States, Kuwait, China, the United
Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab
Emirates, and Taiwan. However, shared
issues and successes of women police in
many more countries worldwide are
discussed throughout the entire book.

This book allows students to explore the
different origins of entry, specialized
roles, their experiences of resistance, and
effects of historical events that have
shaped the experiences of modern
women police from across the world. The
authors discuss the new gains women
are making, despite the obstacles they
face, and ways they are transforming
how policing is done every day. And,
finally, this book closes with collective
issues and successes faced by women
police worldwide.
of the integration
of women in
policing across
the globe
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
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