United States Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) - As the
largest investigative arm of the
Department of Homeland Security, U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) is primarily a law enforcement
agency. Our mission is to protect America
and uphold public safety by targeting the
people, money and materials that
support terrorist and criminal activities.
ICE enforces the nation’s customs and
immigration laws and provides security
for federal buildings.
United States Secret Service - The
United States Secret Service is mandated
by statute and executive order to carry
out two significant missions: protection
and criminal investigations. The Secret
Service protects the President and Vice
President, their families, heads of state,
and other designated individuals;
investigates threats against these
protectees; protects the White House,
Vice President’s Residence, Foreign
Missions, and other buildings within
Washington, D.C.; and plans and
implements security designs for
designated National Special Security
Events. The Secret Service also
investigates violations of laws relating to
counterfeiting of obligations and
securities of the United States; financial
crimes that include, but are not limited
to, access device fraud, financial
institution fraud, identity theft, computer
fraud; and computer-based attacks on
our nation’s financial, banking, and
telecommunications infrastructure.
United States Marshall Service - The
offices of U.S. Marshals and Deputy
Marshal were created by the first
Congress in the Judiciary Act of 1789,
the same legislation that established the
Federal judicial system. The Marshals
were given extensive authority to
support the federal courts within their
judicial districts and to carry out all lawful
orders issued by judges, Congress, or
the president.  
United States Postal Inspection
Service - As one of our country’s oldest
federal law enforcement agencies,
founded by Benjamin Franklin, the United
States Postal Inspection Service has a
long, proud, and successful history of
fighting criminals who attack our nation’s
postal system and misuse it to defraud,
endanger, or otherwise threaten the
American public. As the primary law
enforcement arm of the United States
Postal Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection
Service is a highly specialized,
professional organization performing
investigative and security functions
essential to a stable and sound postal
Drug Enforcement Administration
(DEA) - The mission of the Drug
Enforcement Administration (DEA) is to
enforce the controlled substances laws
and regulations of the United States and
bring to the criminal and civil justice
system of the United States, or any
other competent jurisdiction, those
organizations and principal members of
organizations, involved in the growing,
manufacture, or distribution of controlled
substances appearing in or destined for
illicit traffic in the United States; and to
recommend and support
non-enforcement programs aimed at
reducing the availability of illicit controlled
substances on the domestic and
international markets.
Federal Bureau of Investigation - The
FBI has a critical need to hire new Special
Agents and Professional Support
personnel to support and to carry out
the honorable mission of the FBI. These
vital roles help the agency continue to
meet the challenge of global terrorism
and homeland security.
Internal Revenue Service - Criminal
Investigation (CI) is the law enforcement
branch of the IRS. Our mission is to
serve the American public by
investigating potential criminal violations
of the Internal Revenue Code, and
related financial crimes, in a manner that
fosters confidence in the tax system and
compliance with the law.
United States Customs and Border
Protection (Border Patrol Agent) -
(CBP) employees prevent terrorists and
terrorist weapons from entering the
United States while facilitating the flow of
legitimate trade and travel.
Secret Service
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms, Explosives (ATF) - Exciting,
challenging careers await individuals who
work for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives. An Equal
Opportunity employer, ATF seeks a
diverse workforce that reflects the
strength and talents found in the men
and women of our nation.

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