Police Complaint Center :
We exist to help citizens report
misconduct. We assist with the filing of
complaints because we believe that
accountability is critical to the public
service mission of police organizations.
Our efforts are not intended to hinder
the police nor to embarrass officers
without cause. However, we are sure that
cases of misconduct and the failure to
receive complaints by the police must be
publicized to prevent their reoccurrence.
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
The American system of government is
founded on two counterbalancing
principles: that the majority of the people
governs, through democratically elected
representatives; and that the power even
of a democratic majority must be limited,
to ensure individual rights.
Amnesty International USA - The
Domestic Human Rights Program of
Amnesty International USA focuses on
violations of human rights that occur in
the United States. This program works
with regional offices, other AIUSA
programs, and our activists to facilitate
initiatives designed to hold the US
accountable to our nation's most
cherished values. Our current work
focuses on monitoring and combating
racial profiling, TASER related human
rights violations, juvenile life without
parole, and Patriot Act reform.
Citizens Against Police Abuse - By
police abuse, we mean the inappropriate
and illegal use of police powers to coerce,
harass, intimidate, arrest, assault and kill
members of our community. Police abuse
also occurs in the form of racial profiling,
illegal roadblocks and illegal searches. The
victims of police abuse are often the
usual targets of institutional
discrimination: racial minorities, homeless
people, gays, youth and anyone who
protests against the system. It can
happen, however, to anybody. In
Louisville, the abuse occurs often enough
that almost everyone knows someone
who has been harassed, jacked up,
beaten or arrested. All of us have heard
about the men who have been killed by
the police.
"Your best defense against the police
watchers will always be your
professionalism." ~ Barry M. Baker
As a police officer, you have no real
constituency.  If you engage in
misconduct, you'll be on your own.  The
good news is...you have total control
over your conduct.  The bad news
is...your proper conduct will never ensure
immunity from attack.

If you do become a police officer, you
may think the only dangers you'll face will
come from people we commonly label as
criminals.  Wrong.  It's a trifecta my
friend, and the racing analogy fits,
because once you understand that
criminals; other police officers, and
can all be detrimental to your
well being, you become a winner.  These
few sites will give you an excellent insight
into the police watcher segment of your
police career working environment.  If,
after viewing these sites, you come away
with a twinge of paranoia. . . that's
good!  Police officers are just as
imperfect as anyone, and police watchers
get very good at exploiting those
imperfections.  Your best defense against
the police watchers will always be your
professionalism.  Yes... I know, it's a very
overused term, so let's put it this way...
don't get emotional, and think before you

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