Air Beat Magazine - ALEA (Airborne
Law Enforcement Association) produces
Air Beat magazine, its official bi-monthly
journal, as well as a Conference Preview
Issue and an Annual Buyer’s Guide. The
six bi-monthly issues are each based
around a particular theme with
supporting feature articles highlighting
methods, equipment and practical
American COP Magazine - A national
perspective will bring training, tactics,
equipment, ideas, product tests and a
wide variety of topical info to cops
everywhere.  Whether you’re a beat cop
on graveyard, or a training sergeant
looking for a new holster for your troops,
American COP is the resource you’ll turn
to first.
Correctional News - Editorial features
deal primarily with the design,
construction, maintenance and
operations of facilities.
Corrections Forum Magazine -
Corrections Forum is a trade publication
that has been delivered to qualified
subscribers for over 17 years.
Corrections Forum reaches over 12,000
decision-making managers at all types
and levels of correctional facilities;
prisons, jails, detention facilities, brigs
and lockups. Only qualified correctional
upper management personnel at public
and private facilities are eligible to receive
Corrections Forum.
Corrections Today - Corrections Today
is the professional membership
publication of the American Correctional
Association (ACA). Its international
readership includes individuals involved in
every sector of the corrections and
criminal justice fields. The magazine is
published six times a year.
Crime Magazine - Crime Magazine is
about true crime: organized crime,
celebrity crime, serial killers, corruption,
sex crimes, capital punishment, prisons,
assassinations, justice issues, crime
books, crime films and crime studies.
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin - It all
started in 1932, when the Bureau began
publishing a monthly magazine of wanted
fugitives and their corresponding write-
ups. More than 80 years later, the FBI
Law Enforcement Bulletin is still going
strong...and covers a much more
extensive variety of topics. One of the
most widely read law enforcement-related
publications in the world, the Bulletin’s
mission is to inform, educate, and
broaden the criminal justice community’s
understanding of the current issues
facing law enforcement. It does this
through academically renowned, peer-
reviewed articles submitted by a wide
range of authorities, including subject
matter experts, national security liaisons,
officers and agents in the field, and legal
instruction advisers.
Guns and Weapons for Law
Enforcement - The magazine that takes
you behind the scenes into the
unforgiving world of police work and
combat survival. You’ll see the latest
products tested and reviewed, then see
how they’re used in action against the
bad guys.
Journal of Juvenile Justice - The
Journal of Juvenile Justice is a
semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal
sponsored by the Office of Juvenile
Justice and Delinquency Prevention
(OJJDP).  Articles address the full range
of issues in juvenile justice, such as
juvenile victimization, delinquency
prevention, intervention, and treatment.
Hendon Media Group - Hendon Media
Group offers the following trade

-LAW and ORDER: The industry leading
publication for 56 years…advertisers
reach more than 38,000 buyers in top
and middle law enforcement management!

-Tactical Response: A direct reach to
more than 28,000 tactical team leaders
and operators.

-Police Fleet Manager: A unique, vertical
magazine targeting 17,000 fleet
managers and fleet directors.

-The Police Marksman: The Police
Marksman’s goal is to make your job
both safer and easier by providing you
with up-to-date topics by LE
professionals you can really use. The
Police Marksman is a bi-monthly
publication available on-line only.
Law Enforcement Legal Publications -
Published bimonthly, LELR has covered all
aspects of criminal law, civil liability and
personnel law since 1970 (founded by
the International Association of Chiefs of
Police and Security News - Topics of
interest include new technology and
information; traing and tactics; new
equipment and weaponry; innovative
management ideas; police science and
investigation; advancements in computer
hardware and software; less-lethal
technology; and much more.
Police Chief Magazine - The Police Chief
Magazine is published monthly by:
International Association of Chiefs of
Police.  Articles are contributed by
practitioners in law enforcement or
related fields. Manuscripts must be
original work, previously unpublished and
not simultaneously submitted to another
publisher. No word rate is paid or other
remuneration given. Contributors’
opinions and statements are not
purported to define official IACP policy or
imply IACP endorsement.
Police Magazine - Police Magazine is a
law enforcement magazine and website
containing articles, news, police product
reviews and an active online forum.
Sheriff Magazine - Sheriff magazine,
published bimonthly, is for and about the
nation's law enforcement and criminal
justice professionals. Authoritative
articles focusing on best practices,
procedures, and research in law
enforcement, corrections, and court
security are presented to enhance the
efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal
justice system. Each issue highlights
successful law enforcement programs,
NSA activities, professional news,
legislative updates, and a calendar of
industry events. The magazine reaches
sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, police chiefs and
police officers, and corrections officials on
the federal, state, and local levels.
The Blues Police Newspaper -
Founded in 1984, The BLUES is published
monthly in Longview, Texas, by G.L.
Williams & Co. Content includes
up-to-date law enforcement news,
training, new weapons and products,
court decisions and a variety of police
feature articles. The BLUES is owned and
operated by full time commissioned
Texas police officers.
The Counter Terrorist Magazine -
America's premier informational journal
for law enforcement, intelligence and
special operations professionals; our
mission is to provide operators relevant
information in order to combat terrorism
at home and abroad.
Western Criminology Review - The
Western Criminology Review (WCR) is a
forum for the publication and discussion
of theory, research, policy, and practice
in the rapidly changing and
interdisciplinary fields of criminology and
criminal justice.
Women Police Magazine - Women Police
Magazine is the official publication of the
International Association of Women Police
(IAWP).  The magazine reaches IAWP
members around the globe and is a
benefit of membership.  Published four
times a year, WomenPolice covers a wide
range of articles focused on women in

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American Police Beat Magazine - Both
the American Police Beat web site
(www.apbweb.com) and print publication
are targeted to the nation's law
enforcement profession and seek to give
a voice to the nation's law enforcement
professional. The web site and print
publication are dedicated to providing a
forum where officers can speak out about
the numerous issues that impact their
personal and professional lives.
Blue Line Magazine - Blue Line
Magazine, Canada's only independent law
enforcement magazine, has no leaning
toward management nor unions and no
political preferences. This unbiased
approach is why Blue Line is read by the
full spectrum of the law enforcement
community, from executive management
to front line personnel. Our in house staff
and guest writers work hard to keep
readers on the leading edge of
information, whether it be case law,
training issues or technology trends.
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
There are Five
Indispensable Truths
for a Successful Police
Today's police officers are
afforded the best ballistic
protection in history... and
it only gets better.
Recommended reading for
those of you thinking
about becoming a Police
Police Exam Self Help
by Sergeant George
Godoy (Ret).  
Sergeant Godoy
served for 5 years as a police
recruitment specialist where he
personally tested over 1,000
potential police recruits.
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