Facts about Sexual Harassment - This is a brief,
but informative, description of sexual harassment
from the Federal EEOC.  "Unwelcome sexual
advances, requests for sexual favors, and other
verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
constitutes sexual harassment when submission to
or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly
affects an individual's employment, unreasonably
interferes with an individual's work performance or
creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work
GlobalCompliance.com - Sexual Harassment
Training - In today's work environment, simply
telling your employees to avoid harassment just
won't do the job. Instead, Global Compliance’s
sexual harassment training takes a more proactive
approach in helping your workforce identify, report,
and avoid harassment in the workplace.
Employee Compliance Training Services -
Sexual harassment training and OSHA compliance
consulting services
Reasonable Woman Standard - Reasonable
Person vs Reasonable Woman - The courts that use
the reasonable woman standard recognize a
difference between men and women regarding the
effect of unwanted sexual interaction.
"Sexual-harassment law is well
intentioned, but it's intellectually
Every Man Should Read This -
"Sexual-harassment law is well intentioned, but it's
intellectually incoherent." If you're a man, and
you're confused about sexual harassment, you
must read this piece.  It won't help with your
continued confusion, but it will put that confusion
into perspective with the realization that sexual
harassment laws were never intended to work both
ways.  It will also help you understand that you
need to maintain a continuous, second nature,
defensive posture to avoid stumbling into sexual
harassment by accident...or stupidity.

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