The Peer Support Training Institute -
seeks to help police officers and other
public safety personnel reduce stress and
diminish the negative emotional effects of
this occupation. Through the use of peer
support, programs such as The Members
Assistance Program of the New York City
Police Unions (MAP) have reduced the
rate of police officer suicide and increased
the level of acceptance for mental health
Residuals of Police Occupational
Trauma - This paper describes possible
consequences of exposure to trauma in
the police occupation. During the span of
a career, police officers are generally
exposed to traumatic events more often
and more intensely than those in other
James T. Reese & Associates   -  Law
enforcement doesn't hold the copyright
on stress. Instead it's the uniqueness of
police stress, the work, the responsibility
for people, the dangers associated with
the job, the long, irregular hours, the
pressures placed upon you to perform at
your maximum capacity 24-hours a day
and the need to control your emotions
on a full time basis.
A Guide to Psychology and Its Practice  -
Psychological tests aren’t magic, so let’s
get that clear right at the beginning.
They assess and evaluate information
that you give to the examiner, which is
why the formal name of psychological
testing is psychological assessment. You
give this information either in the form of
answers to interview questions or as
answers on paper—or on a computer—to
specific questions. Ultimately, a test’s
accuracy depends on how carefully and
seriously you answer the questions you’
re asked.
Police Stress
Resource Links
Gerald Loren Fishkin, Ph.D. - Dr.
Fishkin holds full clinical membership in
the California Association of Marriage and
Family Therapists, The British
Psychological Society, and many other
professional associations and affiliations.
He has been Adjunct Professor of Police
Science and Administration of Justice at
Long Beach City College and at California
State University at Long Beach since
1971, where he developed and taught
basic police recruit and advanced officer's
training programs in applied psychology.
He has taught Police Officer Standards
and Training workshops on such topics
as the sexually deviant, mentally ill, and
aggressive offender.

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