Illegal immigration has become one of the
most ridiculous arguments I've heard in
my lifetime.  As a police officer, you're
going to listen to people everyday trying
to convince you of things totally devoid
of any logic.  If you extrapolate some of
the goofy viewpoints you're going to
hear to a macro level, you'll have all kinds
of comparisons to today's views on illegal

It will depend upon where you begin your
police career as to how much exposure
you'll have regarding illegal immigration.  
However, since no one really knows how
many people are residing in this country
illegally, you may encounter more illegals
than you might imagine.
As an individual police officer, there's
really not much you can do to affect
whatever policies are in place within your
department regarding illegal aliens.  
Anytime any situations or circumstances
involved with your law enforcement
duties become politicized, your best
response is to take a step back and wait
for direction.  When it comes to illegal
immigration, you're looking at a totally
politicized problem with little, to nothing,
being done to solve the problem.

Illegal immigration isn't unique by any
means.  There's a lot of people, and
politicians, who throw up their hands
when faced with any number of social
problems.  Their solution is most often to
make something legal if, in their view, it's
too much trouble to deal with the illegal
issue.  If these same people had
everything their way, every drug under
the Sun would be legal...except tobacco,
of course.

The most ridiculous part of the illegal
immigration argument I've heard is the
part where, "You can't kick out eleven
million people."  The response to that is
simple, you don't have to kick out eleven
million people.  You'll learn very quickly
that when you begin enforcing laws
against a particular criminal activity, the
activity immediately begins to recede, and
you'll be amazed just how quickly you'll
be able to reduce that criminal activity to
a manageable level.

Here's another view of the
smart people,
"Most illegal immigrants are not
criminals."  Of course they're criminals.  
Doesn't anyone know what
means?  Oh, I know where they're
coming from...they're just displaying
their compassionate side.  Perhaps, when
you earn some extra money, and you
forget to pay income tax on that money,
they'll come to your defense as well when
the IRS catches up to you.  Okay, I'm
being sarcastic.
Let's assume that most illegal immigrants
are not criminals when defining criminals
who are dangerous to one's life and
limb.  In that case, enforcing laws,
already in place, against illegal
immigration should have an immediate
and lasting effect.  Police officers, for
obvious reasons, have a better grasp of
the effects law enforcement have on
people than those who know everything
about everything.  Law abiding people --
I love the term
law abiding -- break laws
everyday.  Sure, they're mostly  minor
violations that go ignored; until, those
violations begin to bother others.  As
soon as those violations are addressed
with enforcement, the violations cease.  
Traffic enforcement is a perfect and
obvious example.

I know, "How can you compare traffic
violations to illegal immigration?"  Well, if
most illegal immigrants aren't criminals,
that means they're law abiding people
who, like every other law abiding person,
will fall into line with a little bit of law
enforcement.  I happen to believe that
most illegals are not criminals in the true
sense of the word.  But...just like every
other law abiding person, they'll violate
any law that they do not view as morally
reprehensible, or, more to the point, a
law that is rarely enforced.  The truth of
this point is the act of entering this
country illegally.

The smart people are on a roll, "Physical
barriers don't work."  Again, of course
physical barriers work.  People who say,
"They'll just dig a tunnel under a fence"
have obviously never had to dig a ditch.  
I like this one, "If you build a thirty foot
fence, they'll just use a thirty-one foot
ladder."  These people simply don't know
what they're talking about.

Physical barriers come in two forms...
impregnable and really inconvenient.  
Forget about impregnable.  As a police
officer, you'll see the effectiveness of the
inconvenient barrier in the form of the
gated community.  A gated community
with a few sensors and a couple of
security guards do wonders in keeping
the criminals out even if the community is
situated within a high crime
neighborhood.  The robbers and burglars
know that if they're detected while trying
to gain entry, you'll be called to deal with
them.  I'd love to know how many of the
high profile critics of a southern border
fence themselves live in gated

The real reason that real solutions to
illegal immigration are yet to be applied is
simply because the problem hasn't yet
reached an intolerable level.  Sure, it's
intolerable for a lot of people bearing the
brunt of the problem.  At some point,
the politicians and critics will move on to
something else, and law enforcement will
be free to conduct law enforcement.  
"When it comes to illegal
immigration, you're looking at a
totally politicized problem with little,
to nothing, being done to solve the
problem." ~ Barry M. Baker

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