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About Police-Writers.com
This website is an out-growth of Authors of the Los
Angeles Police Department.  When we started
working on the former project we realized that
many state and local police officers shared their
talent, experience and knowledge through books.  
And, what some amazing stories they have shared!

We (several police officers turned authors) kicked
around the idea - but we had to have rules.  Being
long-time slaves to bureaucracy we developed rules
for inclusion:

The author made probation.  At a minimum this is
the official bureaucratic measure of being a police

You authored something.  We decided that since
the 21st Century is here we would include - police
officer blogs, police officer websites and police
officer magazine articles.  Quite frankly, we found
that many police officers have launched interesting
post career businesses.  However, we are only
going to list book authors by name and devote a
webpage(s) to them and their work.  Blogs,
Websites and Articles are listed as a category.

No charge for inclusion and no one gets turned
away.  Frankly, we don't always like what our peers
have written.  Unless its obviously pornographic (we
hope not), advocates the over-throw of the
government; or, the return of liesure suits - its
About American Heroes
American Heroes Press is more than just a means
of publishing your book. It's a growing, active and
innovative community of writers. Retired police Lt.
Raymond E. Foster of the Los Angeles Police
Department started this community in 2003. Today
it offers a brand of publishing designed specifically
for true American Heroes: police, military,
firefighters and emergency workers.

As an American Hero, great things are accomplished
through teamwork. This community – this team – is
here to help you achieve success with your literary

History: How did
American Heroes Press arrive
where it is today?

In 2003, the founder of American Heroes Press,
retired police Lt. Raymond E. Foster of the Los
Angeles Police Department, published his first book
with a traditional publishing house. He quickly
learned that authors, even in a large house, were
primarily responsible for marketing their books. So,
in essence, success equaled learning the business
side of writing.

While his publisher was somewhat active marketing
in traditional channels, it was through Foster's own
innovative marketing that his book was adopted in
more than 120 universities and colleges nationwide.

One such innovation was the creation of an online
social network of law enforcement officials who also
authored books. This dynamic network, www.police-
writers.com, opened the door to tremendous
cooperative marketing and distribution

In 2006, after the growing success of www.police-
writers.com, Foster began exploring other social
networks. As a former service member, he launched
www.military-writers.com and began creating a
social network of active, former and retired U.S.
service members with published books. Then, in
2007, at the request of several firefighters, he
created www.firefighter-writers.com. Thus, by early
2008, the structure of American Heroes Press had

Today, the heroes of America – law enforcement,
fire and military personnel – now have a community
to join where their literary voices can be heard. The
Web site, www.police-writers.com, lists more than
1,000 state and local law enforcement officials who
are published authors. Moreover, the Web site lists
federal and international law enforcement
professionals, as well as other criminal justice
practitioners. Of those listed, more than 350 are
active marketing partners. And the numbers
continue to rise.

Join Our Community!

If you are an American Hero who has already
published, we welcome you to join our growing
community. Visit the individual Web sites, view the
FAQs sections and send your information to the
editor to become a member. And, if you're not yet a
published author, view our publishing packages to
publish through American Heroes Press.
Raymond is the CEO of Criminal Justice
Online, and the author of
Police Technology
Police Officer Exam for Dummies.  He
has assembled state and local police
authors in one virtual location at
The content in this site was developed by experts in
the criminal justice field including retired LAPD
Lieutenant Raymond Foster and counter-terrorism
expert Adam Lankford, professor of criminal justice
at the University of Alabama.  Raymond Foster's
first book,
Police Technology, is used in over 40
colleges and universities nationwide.

This site may have the most complete database of
accredited criminal justice programs - featuring over
5,000 programs.  You'll also find career articles and
interviews with criminal justice experts including
Mark Pryor, a prosecutor in Austin, TX.   
It's always a lot easier to do a new thing when you
have an experienced person showing you the way.  
When I began building CareerPoliceOfficer.com, I
was lucky enough to encounter retired LAPD
Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster.
Retired LAPD
Raymond E. Foster
Criminal Justice Online
Raymond E. Foster
Lieutenant - LAPD

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