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Chapter  1  - Are You Ready for a Career as
a Police Officer
Chapter  2  - Choosing a Police Department
Chapter  3  - Recruit Training
Chapter  4  - Patrol... Your First Assignment
Chapter  5  - Specialized Assignments
Chapter  6  - Promotions
Chapter  7  - Never, Ever Lie
Chapter  8  - The Police Report
Chapter  9  - The Traffic Accident Report
Chapter 10 - Police and Computers
Chapter 11 - The Court Room
Chapter 12 - The Prosecutor
Chapter 13 - Sergeants... The Good, The
Bad, The Incompetent
Chapter 14 - Supervisor's Complaint
Chapter 15 - Internal Investigations
Chapter 16 - Sexual Harassment
Chapter 17 - Domestic Violence
Chapter 18 - Emergency Response and
Vehicle Pursuits
Chapter 19 - Use of Force
Chapter 20 - Deadly Force
Chapter 21 - The Mental Case
Chapter 22 - For Women Only
Chapter 23 - Modern Community Policing
Chapter 24 - The Media
About the Author
Detective Lieutenant Barry M. Baker
retired from the Baltimore Police
Department in 2004.  During his
thirty-two year career, Baker served as a
patrol officer, sergeant, and lieutenant,
as well as a special operations lieutenant
and detective lieutenant.  Baker spent
the first twenty years of his career as a
patrol officer, making him uniquely
qualified to speak from a breadth and
depth of experience.
Becoming a Police Officer
Table of Contents
What's inside this book?
Becoming a Police Officer
Translated and Published in
Aside from being the birthplace of
Alexander the Great, Macedonia is a
country rich in history.  Did you know
that Mother Theresa was born in Skopje,
the capital of Macedonia?  She lived there
until the age of 18 when she moved to
India where she devoted her life to
helping others.  Macedonia is one of
three countries mentioned in the
St. Paul baptized the first Christian
woman, called Lydia, and it was from
Macedonia where St. Paul began his
journey to spread Christianity
throughout the world.  Macedonia is the
birthplace of Cyril and Methodius --
brothers and founders of the Cyrillic
alphabet.  The Cyrillic alphabet is the
official alphabet in all the Slavic countries
like Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc.
Okay... back to my book.  Becoming a
Police Officer: An Insider's Guide to a
Career in Law Enforcement
was chosen
by the Macedonian Ministry of Interior
Affairs for translation and publication.  
The Macedonian Government has
undertaken a project to translate and
publish 500 expert titles on various
subjects for academic use;
Becoming a
Police Officer
is one of those titles.  The
books are being distributed throughout
faculties and libraries so that students
can use them as textbooks or additional

Here's the really cool part... I don't know
anyone in Macedonia.  When you become
a police officer, you're going to see a lot
of people move and advance based on
who they know more than what they
know.  So, it's always nice to have
something you do or produce judged
only on quality, merit, or content.

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Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
There are Five
Indispensable Truths
for a Successful Police
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