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Police Jobs on Career Builder.com -
CareerBuilder powers the career sites for
more than 10,000 Web sites, including
140 newspapers and leading portals such
as MSN and AOL.
Police Officer Jobs - Jobs.com - Search
police officer openings. Jobs.com has
jobs for everyone.
Police Jobs Info.com - Free Information
on Federal, State, County, and City Police
Jobs - While some police jobs share the
same duties, each agency has its own
specific responsibilities. Therefore, you
should research the careers that are
available and find the job that's right for
you.  You will first want to see what
careers are available with federal, state
and local law enforcement by visiting the
links under "Career Descriptions." Check
out the "Selection Process" to get a
general idea of the qualifications and
application procedures.  Be sure to read
our tips on passing the written entrance
exam and interview located under
"Sample Questions."
Law Enforcement EDU.net - The U.S.
Department of Justice recently reported
that almost 1.1 million dedicated men and
women now serve in local and state law
enforcement agencies, including more
than 765,000 sworn police officers. This
represents a ratio of one state or local
law enforcement official to every 400 U.S.
residents. As the number of law
enforcement jobs has increased in recent
years, new opportunities have surfaced
for those interested in becoming police
officers, deputy sheriffs and state
Use these links to search
hundreds of police job listings
across the county.
Police Employment.com - Looking for a
police job near you (or far away)?
PoliceEmployment.com offers a
comprehensive database of job listings
and links to police job openings at the
federal, state, county and city levels. We
also list private security, campus and
even international law enforcement

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Neuvoo.com is an international job
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911 Hot Jobs.com - Welcome to
911HotJobs.com, your destination for
the latest career opportunities in the
emergency services. We have a huge
selection of law enforcement jobs,
firefighter jobs and paramedic jobs that
are available for you to search for FREE.
We work with state and federal agencies
to bring you the best job opportunities
accross the United States. We also have
a great selection of specialist jobs too,
like 911 dispatchers, corrections officers
and deputy sheriffs. Find local jobs or
start your nationwide job search to
kickstart your dream career.
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Do you need to prepare for an
assessment, or job selection process
which includes police aptitude tests?
We suggest you invest in professional
job test preparation with
Police Officer Jobs - Monster.com -
Explore more than 1,000 Police Officer
jobs in the United-States. Browse by
location or industry. Find the right
position and build your career.
Police One.com - Search hundreds of
Police Jobs on PoliceOne. Find the Police
Career that's right for you. New job
listings posted daily. Apply to jobs online.
Police Employment
How to Become a Police Officer / Jobs
Our site provides free resources for
people who are interested in pursuing or
advancing a career in law enforcement.
We feature employment outlooks, a job
board, career advice written by and
interviews with leaders in law
enforcement, certification guides, and
How to Build a Resume (Resume Writing
Guide 101): This comprehensive guide offers
detailed information and examples on how to
create a stellar resume. Plus, the site has a
tool that builds standout resumes.

How to Write a Cover Letter: Having an
attention-grabbing cover letter will get you
noticed by hiring teams, and this guide will help
you write one. The site also offers a cover
letter builder.

Resource Guide: Finding Remote Work
Opportunities: There are more companies
than ever offering part- and full-time remote
work opportunities. This guide offers insight on
how to find them and how to be a successful
work-from-home employee.

How to Finally Bring Your Side Hustle Idea
to Life: Starting a side gig can be a great way
to bring in some extra money (and could even
lead to a full-time pursuit). This article offers
tips on how to launch a side business.

Upwork: This site offers job opportunities for
professionals across a vast array of industries.
It’s a great resource for freelancers looking for
jobs that allow them to set their own hours and

How to Nail a Job Interview — Remotely:
Many companies these days are conducting
interviews over a live video stream. The
strategies in this article will help potential
employees make a great impression, even in a
virtual setting.
Job Toolkit for Job Seekers
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
What Color Is Your Parachute? is
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This 2015 edition includes up-to-
date research and tips about
writing impressive resumes and
cover letters, doing effective
networking and confident
interviewing, and negotiating the
best salary possible. But it goes
beyond that, in helping you to
better know who you are, with
its classic self-inventory—called
“The Flower Exercise”—because
the best answer to What shall I
do? flows from knowing Who
you are.
Before you can achieve anything
in life, you need a solid
foundation of self-discipline.
Talent, intelligence, and skill are
only a part of the equation.
Positive thinking, affirmations,
and vision boards are only a part
of the equation. If you want to
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you need self-discipline.

Self-discipline is what will keep
you focused when all hell is
breaking loose and it looks like
you are one step away from
failure. It will give you the mental
toughness required to dismantle
the limitations you have placed
on yourself and break through all
obstacles standing in the way of
your goals.
There are Five
Indispensable Truths
for a Successful Police
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