Rapid Advancement
toward Self-Sufficiency
You should view self-sufficiency as a
primary factor in any activity in which
you’re engaged.  Total self-sufficiency
can be compared to perfection in that,
while ultimately unattainable, it is a goal
to which you should strive to attain
efficiency and self-satisfaction.

Police work is unique from most other
professions and occupations when it
comes to the importance of the time it
takes you to progress toward self-
sufficiency.  You’ll probably begin your
career with no prior law enforcement
experience.  You’ll receive six months of
police academy training with a field
training program incorporated within
those six months.  Shortly thereafter,
you could find yourself in a situation or
circumstance for which your prior training
has not prepared you.  As long as
circumstances permit, you’ll have to rely
on others to guide you and perform
There’s no question that police work,
generally speaking, is a teamwork
endeavor.  However, your goal should be
to make decisions and complete tasks on
your own whenever possible.  There will
be times when another officer(s) will not
be available to help you, and there will be
times when help from others will create
problems that could have been avoided
through some extra effort of your own.

Self-sufficiency is not sometime that
develops quickly.  It takes the acquisition
of knowledge and experience to bring
you to a level where you can confidently
make decisions and perform tasks
without assistance from others.  From
the very beginning, you must realize that
you are a novice, and you have a lot to
learn.  Some new police officers make the
mistake of vastly overestimating their
knowledge and abilities.  These officers
will hastily make decisions, and they will
gladly delegate as many responsibilities
as possible to others.  These same
officers will encounter problems sooner
than later.  While some of the some will
learn from the debilitating results from
self-created problems, there will be those
who will never learn the importance of
self-sufficiency.  This latter group will
become easily recognizable as those who
are lazy and less than competent.

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