A Most Honorable
Important Profession
Copyright © 2021  Barry M. Baker  
Detective Lieutenant Barry M. Baker retired
from the Baltimore Police Department in
2004.  During his thirty-two year career,
Baker served as a patrol officer, sergeant,
and lieutenant, as well as a special
operations lieutenant and detective
lieutenant.  Baker spent the first twenty
years of his career as a patrol officer,
making him uniquely qualified to speak
from a breadth and depth of experience.

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Becoming a police officer consists of
three basic parts: choosing a police
department; navigating the hiring
process, and completion of police
academy training.

What comes afterward is a never
ending learning experience enabling
you to gain an understanding of the
human condition from a unique
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide
to a Career in Law Enforcement
There are Five Indispensable
for a Successful Police Career: