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William A. Nikkel - Kern County Sheriff's Department -
William's work fighting crime in the streets of Bakersfield
provided him with life experiences he brings into his writing
to breathe life into his characters and scenes.  As a deputy
sheriff, he worked patrol and then detectives, with special
assignments in SWAT and Homicide.
John Nores - California Department of Fish and Game -
In February of 1992 he was hired by the California
Department of Fish and Game and was assigned to
Riverside County for the first three years of his career
before eventually transferring to his home town district in
Santa Clara County.  He was promoted to squad lieutenant
in June 2005.
Barry W. Ozeroff - Gresham Police Department - Barry
W. Ozeroff Sr. is a 25-year police veteran who works for
the Gresham Oregon police department. The recipient of
the department’s Medal of Valor, Barry is a former SWAT
sniper, traffic motorcycle officer, school resource officer,
and public information officer. For the past ten years,
Barry has been the department's lead hostage negotiator
attached to the Special Emergency Response Team.  
Barry’s first novel,
SNIPER SHOT, was published in 2005
by iBooks, Inc. His second novel,
, was published in 2010 by L&L
Dreamspell, and his third,
RETURN FIRE (sequel to
SNIPER SHOT), was published in August 2012 by iBooks,
George Payton - San Jose Police Department - Dr.
George T. Payton started his career in the U.S. Navy
where he was commissioned in the Military Police. He later
became a Patrol Sergeant with the San Jose, CA police
department where he worked for 30 years.  Dr. Payton has
written books in the area of California Criminal Law,
Criminal Investigation and Police Supervision.
Harry D. Penny, Jr - Los Angeles County Sheriff's
Department - Harry D. Penny, Jr. spent almost 10 years of
his 21-year law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff
with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He
spent most of his time in a patrol car from the mean streets
of South Central Los Angeles to the sunny beaches of
Malibu, and finally to the famous Sunset Strip in West
John Perkins - New York City Police Department - Former
forensic crime scene expert and Yonkers NY detective  
John Perkins has been called “America’s foremost self-
protection expert” by the Trends Research Institute. In
1978 he created Guided Chaos, a totally free-form,
adaptive self defense system for both professionals and
Timothy A. Perry - Seattle Police Department Tim has
been writing since the 1980's, and although his
undergraduate degree is in police science it was Tim's
long time interest in history that led to him writing his first
police historical thriller.  After publishing two highly
successful police procedural texts, he has turned his
energies to completing the first of what will be three novels.
Rob Pincus - San Miguel County Sheriff's Office - Rob
Pincus is a professional trainer, author and consultant. He
and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company provide services
to military, law enforcement, private security and students
interested in self-defense. Rob is the Developer of the
Combat Focus® Shooting program, the most efficient
defensive firearms training methodology available today.
Steve Pomper - Seattle Police Department - Steve had
long harbored an interest in the English language, writing
in particular, occasionally submitting a letter to the editor.
As a police officer, Steve wrote regularly for the Seattle
Police Officer’s Guild newspaper, The Guardian. Long
interested in politics from a libertarian perspective, writing
gave Steve a creative outlet for pent up frustrations with
what he saw as declining individual liberty. Working as a
police officer provided Steve no shortage of writing
inspiration for both fiction and non-fiction. In 2003, Steve
embarked on a ten-year plan to become a professional
writer and published author.
Trinka Porrata - Los Angeles Police Department - Trinka
Porrata has experience in both journalism and law
enforcement, with expertise in sexual assaults, child abuse
and narcotics, especially the “trendy drugs of abuse”
(those used at rave parties, in the club scene and as
weapons of rape).  Porrata retired from the Los Angeles
Police Department in 1999 as a supervisor in street
narcotics squads.
Rick Porrello - Lyndhurst Police Department - Rick
Porrello wears many hats. He is a Cleveland-area police
chief and author of T
he Rise and Fall of the Cleveland
. Porrello began writing this first book during
research into the murders of his grandfather and three
uncles who were mob leaders killed in Prohibition-era
violence. Published in 1995 by Barricade Books of New
York City, it quickly became a regional favorite, went
through several hardcover printings, then was republished
in paperback.
Tyrone Powers - Maryland State Police - Tyrone Powers,
educator, former law enforcement officer and author of
Eyes To My Soul: The Rise or Decline of a Black FBI Agent
resides in Baltimore, Maryland.  The writer’s extensive
criminal justice acumen (amassed over thirteen years) has
made him a well known voice of consciousness within the
Black law enforcement community, and the emerging force
of enlightenment for Black and White Americans.
Frederick Price - Los Angeles County Sheriff's
Department -  Frederick Price  is a retired detective
lieutenant and native of Los Angeles.   After discharge
from the military, he joined the ranks of the Los Angeles
County Sheriff’s Department. Over a 33-year career he
served in a variety of law enforcement assignments
including patrol, vice, and special investigations. His last
five years with the department were spent monitoring and
investigating cases involving casino gaming, organized
crime, and terrorism.
Mike Proctor - Westminster Police Department - Mike
"Duck" Proctor has become one of the nation's leading
experts on stalking. In 1991, he cut his teeth on the case
of Sandy Potter, who had been tormented for more than a
decade by an old boyfriend.  Through the pages of
Antidote For A Stalker, Proctor has developed a stalking
guide allowing the reader to easily grasp the elements
found in the phenomenon of stalking in its entirety.
Howard Rahtz - Cincinnati Police Department Howard
Rahtz has a dual background in drug treatment & drug
interdiction, providing him with firsthand experience of our
drug prohibition policy. His career in law enforcement
spanned eighteen years where he rose to the rank of
Police Captain in the Cincinnati Police Department. His
journey in law enforcement and drug rehabilitation is an
interesting parallel to the forty years of the Drug War.  
Howard Rahtz, is the author of
Community Policing: A
Handbook for Beatcops & Supervisors
and Understanding
Police Use of Force
, both published by Criminal Justice
Press. Rahtz also teaches at two Ohio police academies.
Michael T. Rayburn - Saratoga Springs Police
Department - The lead instructor for Rayburn Law
Enforcement Training is Michael T. Rayburn. Mike has
over 26 + years of experience in the security and law
enforcement fields.  Mike is a prolific writer and has written
numerous articles for various police magazines focusing
on the areas of officer survival, vehicle stops and firearms
tactics and training. He is the author of two books,
Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics and Advanced Patrol
Robert Sims Reid - Missoula Police Department - Robert
has published poems, short fiction and non-fiction. His first
MAX HOLLY, came out in 1982. It was followed by a
number of crime novels, including
and WILD
. These, plus another, THE DREAM BABY.
Craig Roberts - Tulsa Police Department - Craig Roberts
retired from the armed forces in 1999 with 30 years total
service. He was awarded ten decorations for his Marine
Corps service in Vietnam, where he served as a Marine
sniper. He was also a career police officer with the Tulsa,
Oklahoma, police department. An internationally published
writer, he is the author of
Combat Medic-Vietnam and
Police Sniper, as well as the co-author of One Shot-One
, and The Walking Dead.
L. Ken Rogers - Pleasant Ridge Police Department - In
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Police Officers
, Ken exposes his inner most pain and feelings
about his position as a police officer and use of
fatal/non-fatal force. His need to maintain a professional,
calm appearance on the outside, while on the inside his
big concern was "not knowing if he could shoot anyone
again," led him to a critical decision about the job he had
dedicated his life to.  
Steven L. Rogers - Nutley Police Department - Steven L.
Rogers is one of America's leading law enforcement and
military contributors to news shows across the country. He
is also an accomplished author and professional speaker.  
Robert Roots - Coral Gables Police Department - Robert
Roots is founder of INNERSTANDING™ – a trademarked
high performance training program which transforms
organizations and people by helping them achieve an
Awareness and Appreciation for their Purpose so they
realize their Possibilities.
David Rose - Placer County Sheriff's Department - David
Rose is a retired lieutenant with the Placer County,
California, Sheriffs Department. He was with the Sheriffs
Department since 1978. He was the departments lead
physical skills instructor since 1982. Dave was a member
of the department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.
E.T) since 1980. He has been a team member, entry team
leader, assistant team leader, team leader, and retired as
the team commander. He has planned, participated in, or
commanded over 200 Critical Incidents in his career.  
David has co-authored numerous articles printed in
various law enforcement periodicals, along with Sgt, Rocky
Warren They have co-authored two books,
Police Use of
Force Case Law
, currently being published by Varro
Press. Their second book,
Paradigm of the Moral Warrior,
is under publication with CyberRead Inc.
Tina Lewis Rowe - Denver Police Department - My
website, www.tinalewisrowe.com, is a journal of inspiration,
information and insight that is focused on personal and
professional development in any career. I add to it every
few days, so check it often or put it on an RSS feed.
Jim Rowell - DeKalb County Police Department - Calling
his story
Granny and the Eskimo: Angels in Vietnam, it
describes his journey through life from youth to Vietnam
where he experienced what can only be described as a
paranormal event involving his mother and grandmother
the day he was wounded in an ambush.
Johnny Russell - San Diego Police Department - I’ve
been writing every day of my life since I was elected editor
of the high school newspaper. Most of the writing has been
police reports. I may not look it, but I’ve have had a thirty
year career as a San Diego Police Officer.
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