Career Police Officer is about a retired police officer’s desire to provide insights to those seriously considering a police career. Detective Lieutenant Barry M. Baker retired from the Baltimore Police Department in 2004. 

During his thirty-two year career, Baker served his first twenty-four years as a patrol officer, sergeant, and lieutenant. That was followed by three years as a special operations lieutenant and five years as a detective lieutenant. Baker spent the first twenty years of his career as a patrol officer making him uniquely qualified to speak from a breadth and depth of experience

About a Police Career

There are so many things to learn about policing, and you need to prepare yourself psychologically for the task. Your police academy training is only an initiation, because what follows is an intensive and endless learning experience. For most of you, you’ll be young and inexperienced, and you’ll be unaware of the complexities awaiting you.

Just remember that your police career is all about you, because your success will depend upon your ability to learn and accumulate experience. You must start by developing an open mind, and you must keep an open mind throughout your career. Secondly, you must stubbornly adhere to your mission as a fact finder.

Bias is Universal

Bias is a big deal, because every human being, without exception, is susceptible to bias. As a police officer, the open mind and fact finder concept will shield you from your own biases. As long as you always act on a solid basis of facts, your police career will be free of self-inflicted pain. Each and every day you should think about developing facts, and you’ll enjoy a continuous experience of self-satisfaction.

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