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Everybody has a point of view on all things related to police, and you'll find plenty of them here.

Police podcasts list provides a wide variety of information on many subjects affecting your performance and well-being as a police officer.

 3 Cops Talk. Three active-duty police officers discuss behind the scenes stories and real-life accounts of what it’s like to be a cop. You’ll get an inside look at the challenges and dangers they face on a daily basis. 

Bend Don’t Break is a podcast that tells the stories of police officers who have overcome significant adversity. The listener will understand the depth of resilience and strength in the men and women who protect our communities.

Beyond the Badge recognizes the good work that Utah’s public safety officers do every day. Featured officers come from state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies. Officers are nominated by their respective police chiefs, sheriffs and supervisors. 

Blue Line : The Podcast brings together leaders in policing from across Canada to talk about hot topics and trends in law enforcement. Tune in to hear compelling conversations and keep appraised on the latest policing matters.

Blue View by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). One Voice for America’s Law Enforcement Officers. The National Fraternal Order of Police sits down with law enforcement experts, elected officials, and other notable leaders. 

Break in the Case is a the true crime podcast written and produced by the NYPD in conjunction with the New York City Police Foundation. Listen as we follow the world’s greatest detectives to crime scenes.

Police Podcasts

Code 4 Couples: The podcast for thriving in law enforcement and other first responder relationships. We talk about real issues and topics that impact you and your partner.

Code 4 Northwest Podcast provides a positive voice for a community of first responders and their families. It is a volunteer-run, free and confidential crisis response and referral network for Washington State active and retired first responders. 

Coffee Break with Police Experts features short conversations between POLICE editors and leading law enforcement trainers, legal experts, and technology developers on how to make officers safer and more effective.

Cop Life documents the hard hitting truth about life as a street cop on patrol. What types of calls are worked during the week? What are the stresses and frustrations of being a police officer, and what are the rewarding parts of the job? 

Cop Shop Podcast. True Crime: From the viewpoint of Retired LT. Nevin Barnes who experienced it first hand.

Cop Talk. Bedford Police Department invites you to subscribe to this new podcast. In this podcast we will discuss real life issues and real life stories. We’ll introduce you to the police officers of our community. 

Police Podcasts

Coroner Talk is a community of professionals in the field of death investigation. We provide training and resources to coroners and death investigators by and from professionals around the world. It’s a peer to peer training environment.

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast. Learn leadership, self-care, growth, and development lessons in this top-rated podcast hosted by Patrick Fitzgibbons. Tune in to uncover current knowledge, advice, and tools to grow better both personally and professionally.  

Finest United Podcast uncovers the real-life stories of NYC Law Enforcement on and off duty. Conversations are on various topics, including who inspires officers, their daily challenges, and opportunities. 

Force Multiplier for Law Enforcement hosted by Lorenzo Valdivia. We discuss factors that give officers the ability to accomplish greater feats than they would without it.

IACPlearn – International Association of Chiefs of Police. This podcast series features interviews with special guests and discussions on issues of the day. You’ll gain insight into the IACP, learn about our advocacy efforts, and learn about the policies impacting the policing profession.

Inside the Line Real Stories by Real Cops explores serious crime ‘n grime issues. They’re stories with a dark sense of humor from a street-level view. Interview, anecdote, and opinion mix with insults, small talk, and some things that are just weird. 

Police Podcasts

Inside the Squad podcast discusses everything from crime statistics to crime prevention and everything in between. Episodes give you an insider view of all that is happening within the Lafayette Police Department (LPD). 

Killer Psyche takes you into the world of the darkest criminals, killers, and massacres throughout U.S. history. Your host is retired FBI Agent and Criminal Profiler Candice DeLong.

Law Enforcement Today: Crime and Trauma Stories. It is a true crime show, a law enforcement show and a human interest show all in one. Get a glimpse of life behind the badge, investigations of true crimes, violence they encounter and experience.

L.A. Not So Confidential: The Premier Forensic Psychology Podcast. An L.A. based podcast brought to you by two forensic psychologists. They dissect the intersections where true crime, forensic psychology, and entertainment meet.

Law Enforcement Unconventional is a joint tactical forum combining law enforcement and special operations units. Discussions cover unconventional tools, tactics and training to assist law enforcement. 

Leadership in Law Enforcement. Whether you are a rookie, veteran, informal or formal leader in a police organization, you must continue to evolve. We interview police leaders from around the country to learn best practices, tips, and tricks. 

Police Podcasts

LEO Round Table is a nationally syndicated law enforcement talk show discussing news and issues from a law enforcement perspective. Their panelists are among a Who’s Who of law enforcement professionals and attorneys from around the country. 

Manhunter Radio Podcast is hosted by K9 Tracking and Trailing Instructor Jeff Schettler. The podcast covers all things tracking and trailing for Law Enforcement, Military, and Search & Rescue. Real Handlers, Real Stories, and Lessons Learned.

New York City’s Finest: Retired and Unfiltered Podcast. The “Greatest Show on Earth” everyday life and politics of NYC and the NYPD. Explore the life and careers of our guests. Hear real views and opinions from those who once policed the streets of NYC. 

Officer Down Memorial Podcast. Sheriff Scott Rose discusses what law enforcement officers and their families go through to keep our communities safe. These stories take you back in time to the era and the community where we lost these heroes. 

On Being a Police Officer is an inside look at law enforcement through a civilian’s interviews. These are stories of police told by officers themselves. They talk frankly about what it’s like to be a cop in these volatile times.  

Police Podcasts

Our LAPD Story is the first ever podcast produced by the Los Angeles Police Department. Each episode aims to share some of these stories that make up the fabric of our Department. From calls for service, to moments that changed lives forever. 

Oxnard Police Department – OXPD Podcast. True crime stories and candid interviews from the Oxnard Police Department. Oxnard is on the California coast between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. OXPD consists of 230 police officers.

PATC Podcast. Welcome to Public Agency Training Council’s official podcast. Your hosts Mark Waterfill and David Broadway will help you discover more about our courses and instructors.

Pension Attention is a podcast dedicated to helping firefighters and police officers take charge of their finances. Your host Brad Barrett is a Managing Director and Partner at One Capital Management, a top ranked investment advisory firm. 

Police Academy is your destination for all things police. No question is out of bounds, and no topic is too sensitive. This is Police Academy, and your source for the no spin truth about all things police. 

Police K9 Radio is hosted by Gregg Tawney and Rich Hartman. Gregg has 22 years of police experience, and Rich has 15 years of K9 handling experience. Together they will be interviewing some of the top trainers and experts in the police K9 community.


Police Podcasts

Police Off the Cuff / Real Crime Stories. Two former NYPD Cops, retired NYPD Sergeant Bill Cannon, and co-host Phil Grimaldi host the podcast. They tackle the tough topics of the day on Police Off the Cuff/Real Crime Stories. 

Police Oral Board Interview. Officer Scott Savage discusses the law enforcement hiring process. He covers what applicants should do and should not to do during the police oral board interview.

Police Psychological Exam. The focus is changing in what police departments are looking for in candidates. More emphasis is being put on the police psychological exam.

Police Promotion and Leadership Podcast for all officers in UK policing. Particularly focused on the Federated ranks of PC, Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector. Content most relevant to all forces in England & Wales, Police Scotland, and PSNI.

Policing in America is a podcast about race and policing: the good, the bad and the ugly. The goal? To have, at times, uncomfortable conversations to spark positive change.

Policing Matters is a weekly law enforcement podcast bringing you the latest news and critical issues impacting police officers. Police1 columnist and deputy chief Jim Dudley (ret.) discusses strategy and trends in policing with experts from across the nation.

Police Podcasts

Policing TV provides insight into the world of Policing in UK and globally. It’s an online platform for video and audio content with interviews, debates, and analysis of policing and criminal justice issues. 

Public Safety Talk Radio. The podcast for all of our heroes in public safety. They include police officers, firefighters, EMTs, corrections officers, healthcare workers, and more. The show is produced by the POCUA and is founded upon its Soundness Initiative.

Quality Policing Podcast host Peter Moskos talks with experts, professors, and professionals in the policing and criminal justice fields. Discussions cover the latest data and events keeping listeners current with trends and developments.  

Police Podcasts

Secrets of the Crime Lab is a podcast for professionals and enthusiasts of forensic science. Explore the truth of true crime, and the science behind the cases. Learn how it actually works and what happens when it fails or is misunderstood. 

Shots Fired Podcast. The goal is simple. Keep first responders safe, and bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. We do this through conversations, in-depth discussions, critical thinking, and sharing our experiences.

Sirens, Slammers, and Service – A Podcast for Female First Responders. Retired Corrections Officer Nikki Cloutier showcases the unique perspectives, skill sets and personalities that women bring to first responder careers. 

Straight Talk on Leadership. Host Dean Crisp is a retired chief of police, author, trainer, speaker and consultant on leadership. The goal is to help leaders become the best version of themselves and  effectively put their leadership into action.  

Street Cop Podcast is the #1 podcast of law enforcement officers looking to take their careers to the next level. We drop new episodes everyday, and we have conversations with guests who are experts in their fields. We’ll teach you how to do real police work.

Police Podcasts

Suspect is an investigative series about mislaid justice. It explores the kinds of weighty decisions that detectives, lawyers, and jurors make every day. Those decisions that, once made, are almost impossible to reverse.

Tactical Fitness is hosted by Stew Smith, a certified military fitness trainer. He has trained thousands of students for Navy SEAL, Special Forces, SWAT, FBI, ERT and more. This podcast is perfect for the fitness junkie who wants to stay fit for the job. 

The #ITSNEEDED Podcast bridges the gap between law enforcement professionals and their communities through honest conversations. Hosted by Officer Ryan Tillman, the founder of Breaking Barriers United and cohosted by Officer Anthony Johnson.  

The Beat –  COPS Office Podcast Series. The Beat features interviews with experts from many disciplines and provides law enforcement with the latest developments in community policing.

The Black Cop Podcast offers a dual perspective of black people who serve our community as law enforcement officers. We seek thoughtful discussion of facts and reasonable opinions.

The BWC Podcast Series was created as an accompaniment to the BJA National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit. This podcast series focuses on issues regarding implementing body-worn cameras (BWCs) in the law enforcement environment. 

Police Podcasts

The Commander: A Podcast with Dr. Chris Jones is a resource for law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. He’ll address and feature people from all walks of life to bridge the gap between police and their communities. 

The Hanger Z Podcast.  We explore the personnel and equipment behind the missions in Public Safety Aviation.

The Modern Cop is a multi-faceted podcast which seeks to bring to the listener raw and real stories from today’s generation of law enforcement officers.

The Murder Police Podcast – True Crime. Real Detectives.

Police Podcasts

The Officer Autumn Show is a podcast designed for helping women in law enforcement. Meet host, Autumn Clifford, a police officer who coaches and mentors first responders. Everything a woman in law enforcement needs to know.


The Off Duty Podcast – Law Enforcement focuses on the people – not politics, departments or tactics. This podcast is unlike any other LE podcast. It’s fun and informative conversations with retired and active police officers and those who support the profession. 

The Officer Nate Podcast. The life and profession of a police officer has never been more unpredictable. Our public has vilified them, politicians have attacked them, and their administrators have abandoned them. This podcast will give you an honest look at the reality of police work.

The Police Podcast brings together police officers, the agencies they represent and the communities they serve. We discuss current events, social media, best practices when dealing with the police and the lives our officers live. 

The Policed Podcast (Ireland). This podcast seeks to capture the experiences people have with the police. Dr. Vicky Conway puts those voices front and centre to examine how communities and individuals experience policing. 

Police Podcasts

The Squad Room is creating a world where first responders wake up inspired, feel confident at work, and go home knowing they’ve spent their time in a worthy cause. We’re committed to helping you serve, strive, and succeed in our challenging career. 

Things Police See: First Hand Accounts. Steve Gould, a former Massachusetts police officer, interviews fellow police officers about their most shocking moments on the job. The stories are undeniably stupefying, funny, and startling.

The Tactical Breakdown Podcast. Our goal is to bring you a platform that gives an in-depth look at the most current training. These include tactics and technology used by today’s top Law Enforcement, Military, and Security experts. 

Tomorrow’s Police Officer Podcast. If you’re a police officer or want to become a law enforcement officer, you’ll find a ton of things on this podcast to help you. Hosted by a 30-year veteran, this is a treasure trove of honest and realistic advice.

UNHOLSTERED is an in-depth podcast about how police officers serve their communities. Hosts are Kayla Blakeslee, a Fort Wayne radio personality, and Sofia Rosales-Scantena, a Captain with the Fort Wayne Police Department. 

Women and Crime Podcast. Two Criminologists cover a new female-focused story each episode, and they examine how women fare in the criminal justice system. They explore the causes of female crime as well as heroines within the criminal justice system.

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