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The Internet provides you with infinite sources of information. The trick is always determining what's accurate and relevant to your career goals.

Education resources provides links to a wide range of subjects and institutions to aid you in your goals for career development.

Case Law

Case Law 4 Cops. This site contains information on hundreds of court cases. These cases are important to officers and citizens alike, because they cover what officers can and cannot do.

Supreme Court Landmarks. These education resources are created by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for educational purposes only. They may not reflect the current state of the law. They are not intended to provide legal advice, guidance on litigation, or commentary on any pending case or legislation.

Criminal Justice Research Education Resources

Blue Force Learning uses the power of analytics and digital tools to revolutionize how agencies approach, interpret, and act on data to fight crime

Crime Prevention Research Center. This site is dedicated to conducting academic quality research. Its focus is on the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety.

DNA Evidence – A Simplified Guide. DNA is complicated, and there’s no end to education resources on the subject. However, understanding the information can be difficult. This site presents a lot of information in succinct and understandable terms.  

Glossary of Criminal Justice Terms. Trevor Brodie, a Boy Scout earning his crime prevention merit badge, found this resource during his research. He thought it would be a good addition to this page. Thank you, Trevor, I agree.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) is the place to discover, access, and analyze data on crime and justice.

United States Supreme Court is the highest tribunal in the Nation for all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States.

Cybersecurity is one of the only websites entirely dedicated to cyber security degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels. We have over 400 institutions in our database. Start your search for a degree by schools by searching schools by state. View online cybersecurity programs, or view what career options you might have as a cybersecurity specialist. – Our cybersecurity job prep guide contains:

-An overview of common cybersecurity interview formats, including behavioral and technical interview explanations.

-Sample cybersecurity job interview questions and suggestions on how to handle the questions.

-Ideas on what kinds of questions that job seekers should ask during an interview to make sure the opportunity is a good fit.

Our mission is to create up-to-date, accurate, and actionable cybersecurity related information for students and early career professionals. 

Visit at the links below for additional information.

Health Education Resources

Affordable Health Insurance. Our team of experts created a comprehensive guide for the unemployed. It provides accurate, easy-to-understand information to help those unemployed make informed choices and find the right insurance plan for them. is an educational web resource with hundreds of easy-to-read lab testing guides. All are reviewed by our Medical Review Board of experts. We also offer confidential, secure and convenient online lab test ordering powered by trusted physician networks. 

Hiring Opportunities

Westminster, Colorado Police Department – 199 Police Officers serving a population of 116,000.

Join WPD
education resources

Police departments across the country list their open law enforcement jobs with PoliceApp. PoliceApp has partnered with several testing agencies and associations to make the police officer exam process more efficient. When you test through one of these agencies, your results will be valid for a set period of time. 

Online Education Degrees We provide education resources to help you decide which kind of school and criminal justice career is right for you. is a free, privately-supported website that’s editorially independent. We’ve created a guide for people with prior criminal convictions to learn about going to college. We provide information about grants, scholarships, advocacy programs and resources for ex-offenders.

Resume Templates - CV Templates - Cover Letters

Monster Resume Writing Service has one goal for you: more interviews. Have your resume professionally written by a Certified Resume Writer. We offer custom resumes unique to your skills and career goals optimized to pass recruiters’ screening software and more!

NovoResume. The online resume builder getting folks hired by BBC, Google, Apple, Tesla, and Airbnb. Build your brand new resume in as little as 5 minutes.

Resume Builder. Senior Employment Programs and Resources. We’ve created a guide that provides education resources for seniors looking to re-enter the workforce. The resource includes instructions on how to use the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). The SCSEP provides resources for older veterans, and state-specific job boards and employment resources. uses professional field-tested resume templates that follow the exact ‘resume rules’ employers recognize. They are easy to use and done within minutes. The Elevator is a blog to elevate your resume, job search and career to the top floor! For example, are you wondering how to list a GED in the education section of your resume? It’s right here – “How to list a GED on your resume and job applications.”

The Key To A Successful Job Interview: What You Need to Know.

This guide from offers lots of helpful information, such as:

  • Top tips for writing a stand-out cover letter.
  • Getting your CV into shape.
  • Examples of great cover letters and CVs.

Here are just some of the tips we offer:

  • In your cover letter, stick to 1 page (about 3-4 paragraphs) and keep it relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Don’t just tell the employer why they should choose you. Show that you’ve done some extra research by explaining why you want to work for them!
  • There’s a strong chance you’ll be asked about the stuff you put on your CV in your interview, so demonstrate your strengths by highlighting your experience, but stick to the truth!

Substance Abuse Education Resources

Gaining knowledge about substance abuse is the first step. Friends and families need the tools to support a loved one with a drug or drinking problem.

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