Career Police Officer

Becoming a career police officer – choosing a police department; navigating the hiring process, and completion of police academy training.

What comes afterward is a never ending learning experience where you’ll gain an understanding of the human condition from a perspective unique to service in law enforcement.

An Insider's Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement

Book Cover of "Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement" by Barry M. Baker
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Becoming a Police Officer

An Insider's Guide To A Career In Law Enforcement
Barry M. Baker
Kyle C.
Becoming a Police Officer
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This book was reccomended (online) by many current police officers for people looking to enter the field. Over the two weeks I spent reading it I could see why. Lt. Baker's style of writing is unlike other books, instead of chapters consiting of stories that unfold and develop a particular subject or situation he had encountered, Baker writes in a blurb-like fashion that covers tips and advice with real world implications. Because this book isn't a story, I find that it makes digesting the information very easy.
Lu Rizo
Great Book!
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This book is based on how you can be a better police officer and what's ahead in a career as a police officer, its a really good book overall I recommend to anyone interested in this amazing career, it's a good buy!
Tomas Hana
If you are becoming a cop, this is what you are looking for...
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Absolutely fantastic book for everybody seriously considering carrer in police and necessity for those who are about to start working in police or even are working there already. Book is full of useful and fundamental advices. It is a bit short, but always to the point and not messing around unimportant stuff. Considering the price and golden nugget advices in this book, it is a great treat for every real or wanna be cop.
Alex Freshour
Law enforcement recruit
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I am applying for a police position and wanted some knowledge about departments, everyday life, and decision making. This book has answered many, if not all of my questions. I suggest to anyone interested in a law enforcement position.

Getting sTarted

Choosing A Police Department

Choosing a police department for your pursuit of a police career provides many choices. There are over 18,000 police departments in the United States, and they come in three sizes...

Becoming a Police Officer

Becoming a police officer rests on Five Truths: self-evaluation; recognizing bad advice; self-sufficiency; integrity; and life and death. There really are Five Indispensable Truths...

Police Academy

Once you’re accepted to the police academy, your department has every expectation that you will complete the training successfully based on testing and investigation. Therefore, you...

Police Report Writing

Police report writing is critically important on so many levels. One can argue that a perfect crime is simply one that is not reported. If a crime is not reported, no ...

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