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Early one evening, I was patrolling alone
and decided to stop a vehicle with its
taillight out. I had no way of knowing
that this seemingly routine decision
would lead to a strange twist of fate
years later...

These true, first-hand accounts from law
enforcement officials across the nation
reveal how intuition, apparitions, UFOs,
prophetic dreams, and other forces
beyond our understanding have impacted
them in the course of duty.

The weird and unexplained experiences in
this book take place in the midst of the
death-defying gun battles, thrilling
rescues, and heart-searing tragedies that
police officers face every day―and reveal
the fascinating inner lives of the heroic
men and women behind the badge.
Fascinating inner
of the heroic men
behind the badge
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
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