People often look back over their lives
and think about what they would have
done differently.  I'm one of the lucky
ones.  I chose a police career, and I've
never regretted that decision.  In fact, I'd
do it all over again.  

Your entire existence is about life and
living, and there aren't that many careers
you could consider that will touch the
lives of others as much as your decision
to become a police officer.  

I often refer to a police career as the best
education on earth, because it simply is
just that.  You'll interact at every level of
society, and you'll exert your authority
from minor to enormous effect.

I believe in one's destiny.  I think it's a
good belief for a police officer since a
police career is inherently dangerous.  
However, only a fool tempts fate.

Police work is a lot harder and more
complicated than many people believe.  
Knowledge and courage will be your most
important allies...did I mention
knowledge?  While courage is an
indispensable character trait for police
work, your continuous pursuit of
knowledge is also indispensable for a
successful police career.

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"Police work is a lot harder and more
complicated than many people
believe." ~ Barry M. Baker
The Best Education
on Earth
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
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