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Copyright © 2021  Barry M. Baker  
New police officers usually begin their
careers possessing one of two
psychological mind sets.  The first will be
based on idealism, and the belief that
people really aren't that bad.  This view
dictates that the authority of a police
officer should be exercised rarely and
sparingly since the police officer's ability
to reason with people will almost always
resolve any situation.  The second mind
set will rest solely on the authority and
power conveyed by the badge the police
officer wears.  In this mind set, the police
officer will make a quick and final
determination for the solution of any
situation based upon the police officer's
initial understanding, or impression, of

While the first mind set is naive, it's
probably the best way to start.  You'll
quickly learn that a lot of people are just
simply bad, and you'll soon start moving
toward the middle of the mind set scale.  
The second mind set isn't nearly as
susceptible to change as the first.  Power
can be as intoxicating as any drug and
just as difficult to control.  Hopefully,
whichever mind set, or degree of mind
set, you possess in the beginning, you'll
learn how to most effectively, and
efficiently, find the right balance to
exercise reason with power and power
with reason.
"Power can be as intoxicating as any
drug and just as difficult to control."
~ Barry M. Baker
The New
Police Officer
Becoming a Police Officer
An Insider's Guide to a Career
in Law Enforcement
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